•  1980 Outstanding Professor of Psychology Award

•  1986 Outstanding Professor of Psychology Award

•  1990 California State University, Fresno: University Outstanding Professor of the Year

•  1997 Honorary Membership, Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society

•  1998, 1999, 2000 and 2002 Selected as California State University, Fresno nominee for the CSU Stanley Wang Award in the area of Behavioral Sciences and Public Service

•  2000 Outstanding Professor of Psychology Award

•  2001 Honorary Membership, Golden Key International Honor Society

•  2000, 2001, 2003 California State University, Fresno nominee for Carnegie Foundation U.S. Professor of the Year

•  2007 Outstanding Teacher of the Year Award, Western Psychological Association

•  2007 Provost's Award, University Outstanding Teacher of the Year, California State University, Fresno


(Selected) Publications on Teaching


Levine, R.V. (1977). An interdisciplinary approach to the introductory psychology course. Teaching of Psychology, 4, 132-134. 

Levine, R.V. (1983, January). An interdisciplinary course studying psychological issues through literature. Teaching of Psychology, 10, 214-216. (Reprinted in Benjamin, L., Daniel, R., & Brewer, C. (1985). Handbook for Teaching Introductory Psychology, L. Erlbaum & Assoc: New Jersey.)

Levine, R. (1998) Measuring the Silent Language. Chapter in: Singelis, T. (Ed.), Teaching about Culture, Ethnicity, and Diversity: Exercises and Planned Activities, Newbury Park, CA: SAGE publications, 29-38. 

Levine, R., Fast, N., & Zimbardo, P. (2004). The power of persuasion: A field exercise. Teaching of Psychology, 31, 136-138.


Robert V. Levine, Professor of Psychology. E-mail: robertle@csufresno.edu

Robert V. Levine

Professor of Psychology

Social Psychology writer, speaker, consultant


E-mail: robertle@csufresno.edu