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Robert Levine is a Professor of Psychology and former Associate Dean of the College of Science and Mathematics at California State University, Fresno where he has won national and international awards for his research, teaching and writing.  He has as a Visiting Professor at Universidade Federal Fluminense in Niteroi, Brazil, at Sapporo Medical University in Japan, Stockholm University in Sweden and, most recently, as a Fellow in the Institute of Advanced Study at Durham University in the UK.  He is outgoing President of the Western Psychological Association and a Fellow in the American Psychological Association.  He has published many articles in professional journals as well as articles in trade periodicals such as Discover, American Demographics, The New York Times, Utne Reader, and American Scientist. His book, A Geography of Time (Basic Books/Perseus), was the subject of feature stories around the world, including Newsweek, The New York Times Magazine, CNN, the BBC, ABC's Primetime, NPR's All Things Considered and Radio Lab.  It has been translated into seven languages.  His book, The Power of Persuasion: How We're Bought and Sold (John Wiley & Sons), has been translated into eight languages.


His newest book, STRANGER IN THE MIRROR: The Scientific Search for the Self  (new, revised edition) just published by The Press at California State University, Fresno.


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Robert V. Levine

Professor of Psychology

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