I enjoy speaking to both academic audiences, to specialized companies and to the general public. I have considerable experience I have won a number of awards for my teaching and lecturing. If you'd like to discuss arrangements for a lecture or workshop, either contact my literary agent, Kris Dahl of International Creative Management (KDahl@icmtalent.com), or e-mail me directly (robertle@csufresno.edu). 

Examples of recent invited talks:


–On the topic of time (see my book, “A Geography of Time”)


•  “A Geography of Time”

•  “Time, Money and Happiness”


–On persuasion (see my book, “The Power of Persuasion: How We're Bought and Sold”)


•  “Persuasion, Manipulation and Mind Control”

•  “The Psychology of Selling: My Brief Career as a Used Car Salesman”


–To companies and corporations:


•  “Time, Culture and Thinking about the Future”

•  “The Psychology of Trust”


–The psychology of kindness and compassion.


•  “The Kindness of Strangers: Where do People Help?” (This talk focuses on my field experiments on helping behavior in cities around the United States and the world.

•  Finding the Schindler Button: How to Create a Hero-in-Waiting





I also do consulting with both non-profit and for profit organizations, most often concerning one or more of my specialties: the psychology of persuasion, the psychology of time and its consequences, and/or understanding cultural differences and communication.  I have worked with organizations both within the United States and internationally. I have recently, for example, spoken to groups at Google and Apple. You can contact either my literary agent, Kris Dahl of International Creative Management (KDahl@icmtalent.com), or e-mail me directly (robertle@csufresno.edu) for further information.


“Anyone who does marketing outside their immediate time zone, country, continent, hemisphere--should read Robert Levine's book, ‘A Geography of Time.’ When you read this book you will come away with a complete new understanding of cultural values.”
Virginia McCarty, McCarty & Associates, Strategic Marketing

Robert V. Levine, Professor of Psychology. E-mail: robertle@csufresno.edu

Robert V. Levine

Professor of Psychology

Social Psychology writer, speaker, consultant


E-mail: robertle@csufresno.edu