I enjoy speaking to both academic audiences, to specialized companies and to the general public. I have considerable experience I have won a number of awards for my teaching and lecturing. If you'd like to discuss arrangements for a lecture or workshop, either contact my literary agent, Kris Dahl of International Creative Management (KDahl@icmtalent.com), or e-mail me directly (robertle@csufresno.edu). 

Examples of recent invited talks:


—On the topic of time (see my book, “A Geography of Time”)


•  “A Geography of Time”

•  “Time, Money and Happiness”


—On persuasion (see my book, “The Power of Persuasion: How We're Bought and Sold”)


•  “Persuasion, Manipulation and Mind Control”

•  “The Psychology of Selling: My Brief Career as a Used Car Salesman”


—To companies and corporations:


•  “Time, Culture and Thinking about the Future”

•  “The Psychology of Trust”


—The psychology of kindness and compassion.


•  “The Kindness of Strangers: Where do People Help?” (This talk focuses on my field experiments on helping behavior in cities around the United States and the world.

•  Finding the Schindler Button: How to Create a Hero-in-Waiting





I also do consulting with both non-profit and for profit organizations, most often concerning one or more of my specialties: the psychology of persuasion, the psychology of time and its consequences, and/or understanding cultural differences and communication.  I have worked with organizations both within the United States and internationally. I have recently, for example, spoken to groups at Google and Apple. You can contact either my literary agent, Kris Dahl of International Creative Management (KDahl@icmtalent.com), or e-mail me directly (robertle@csufresno.edu) for further information.


“Anyone who does marketing outside their immediate time zone, country, continent, hemisphere—should read Robert Levine's book, ‘A Geography of Time.’ When you read this book you will come away with a complete new understanding of cultural values.”
—Virginia McCarty, McCarty & Associates, Strategic Marketing

Robert V. Levine, Professor of Psychology. E-mail: robertle@csufresno.edu

Robert V. Levine

Professor of Psychology

Social Psychology writer, speaker, consultant


E-mail: robertle@csufresno.edu